Ultra-light and quilted puffer jackets in TATUUM collection

Ultra-light and quilted puffer jackets in TATUUM collection

Fabulously trendy and extremely warm, ultra-light down jackets are becoming the classic garment of the female wardrobe. They inspire the world's designers who add their touch of graceful form and style. Down jackets have become an obligatory style and also the most popular women's clothing to choose from.

Puff jackets known for decades have served as protection against cold. Worn by mountain climbers and travelers, allowing to keep them warm in extreme conditions. However, only now have they become lightweight and comfortable by the use of modern nylon material and quilting, which made the fluff evenly distributed. That is why today, they are not only winter outfits usually worn in low temperatures, but also during early autumn days, when we face unexpected gusts of wind or rain.

The current season TATUUM collection presents the classic puffer jacket with its fashionable slim-fit cut. Fastened with a practical zip, having thin, invisible welts around cuffs, making it easy to roll up the sleeves as well as a collar protecting against unpleasant wind made of high-quality fabrics with horizontal quilting. Light and comfortable, making it an indispensable item of clothing for the cooler days of summer and autumn, but not only. It can be successfully used as a warm and lighter replacement of a sweater, that can be put under a jacket or coat. The jacket is 90 percent filled with goose down, which makes it a unique proposal on the market place. When folded you can put it to a small pouch attached, so you can always have it with you in your bag.

The TATUUM down jacket is available in classic, toned colors - gray and blue, which perfectly match the color of other elements of TATUUM clothing in their natural autumn and winter colors.

The advantage of having a quilted puffer jacket it its universal character. It looks great in sports outfit, together with jeans and comfortable sneakers as well as in the more urban style, combined with narrow semiformal pants and high-heels. Ideal for walking, shopping or meetings with friends. Moreover, thanks to vast freedom of movement and short length it’s ideal for driving.

The TATUUM puffer jacket model is also accompanied by similar, though bolder vest and jacket, that add some energy in this time of the year thanks to its lime colour, which completes the standard gray and navy blue colors.
Genuine vest with its asymmetric bottom, finished with an adjustable drawcord at the rear, together with a fashionable shawl collar, fastened with hidden buttons. Jacket, in turn, has an interesting rounded bottom, with a practical regulated hood, fastened with a zip. Both models feature an intriguing and high quality design. Made of quilted fabric with warm lining, which guarantees comfort and draws attention. The absolute must have!

All TATUUM jackets are now available in stores and online at www.tatuum.com