Selected – unique clothing line by TATUUM

Selected – unique clothing line by TATUUM

Natural look, superb quality and fine materials - three values that are shared by TATUUM in the Selected line. Today we present its second edition. This collection is simply universal for the fact of maintaining natural colors of white, beige and gray. Perfect to wear whatever the occasion, personality or age, consistent with the TATUUM slogan - Inspired by Generations. Selected is referring to the current trends, while remaining in harmony with the classics and ... your wallet. The luxury fashion at a reasonable price.

As the name implies, Selected is distinguished by sophisticated design, high-class tailoring and - above all - stunning quality, provided by unique materials: silk, cashmere, alpaca or sheep wool. Here, they play a major role.

Delicate, but extremely strong silk has a cooling effect in the summer, but gives comfortable warmth in winter. One hundred percent silk in classic, simple, white blouse with a trimmed neckline and a modern, long shirt with deep side slits. Both models are finished with the French seams, which are invisible for the eye and lint-free. Both the blouse and the shirt are elegant, timeless, also perfect to loose-fitting outfits.

One hundred percent cashmere, very soft and warm, and thus the most exclusive of available wools will seduce you in a white, slightly extended turtleneck. This original model, knitted as a whole, thus deprived of stitches between the neck and the rest of the sweater, can be seen as an example of a modern form. As an alternative to the turtleneck by TATUUM Selected we can propose a simple V-neck sweater. Its long form gives it a trendy look, while the high side slits make it comfortable to wear. Thanks to the unique advantages of cashmere, both models fit perfectly and thanks to the typical for the wool’s fibers the clothes are delightfully smooth.

TATUUM Selected could not also forget about the alpaca. This fine wool from the Andes is both durable and environmentally friendly. Resistant to solar radiation, does not contain allergens and does not require the use of chemicals for laundry processing. The Selected collection has combined the alpaca with the ordinary wool to form a long, dreamy soft sweater with a patchwork, structural weave. With the use of alpaca, this time accompanied by ordinary wool, viscose and nylon, you get a long, gray blend dress with a wide, multifunctional neckline. You can wear it in different ways, for example, in the trendy off the shoulder interpretation so by exposing shoulders or more classically by creating a boat neck.

TATUUM Selected are distinguished by the classic, high-quality wools, blended with the highest quality fibers. For example, with cashmere creating a modern sweater in form of a tunic. A model with a deep neckline and high slits on sides that expose the thigh, allowing you to create an infinite number of original styles. In combination with a silk blouse and pants it gives a very classic, elegant look. You can also join it freely with a skirt, jeans and tops from the regular TATUUM collection and even bovver boots creating a more urban and casual style. Another wool-made clothing is the extended vest made of double layer, bicolor fabric. Its minimalist and intriguing character, allows you to create a variety of outfits, depending on the needs and occasions.

The wool also dominates in the material of trousers. An unusual model in the Selected collection is characterized by the presence of lining and the straight line of legs, thanks to which the pants look good after many hours of wearing. The trousers’ highlight is its stiffener so a linen waistband, which is a reminisce about the traditional art of tailoring of the TATUUM designers.
The unique TATUUM offer hasn’t forgotten about coats. The first, hand-made model with a light beige, high-quality wool features no lining. Thanks to the design it’s light and extremely comfortable, while keeping the thermal comfort by means of wool. The fabric is a soft, warm and extremely pleasant to the touch fleece.

Another coat, fastened with a wooden button, refers to minimalism, one of the main trends of the contemporary women's fashion. It’s made out of characteristic of boucle wool, which evokes the invariably respected and trendy fashion classics of the 50s and 60s, but in a thoroughly contemporary twist. The model is based on partial, elegantly finished insert of the lining.
The Selected collection is complementary. Its individual components have been designed with particular care in a way that will complement each other to form original sets. At the same time the unique collection fits into the regular collection of TATTUM.
Selected is available in selected TATUUM stores and on-line at