Set off with Julia Pietrucha for a journey full of harmony, in search of spring and inner peace. "It's an escape from the everyday and winter blues that every one of us dreams about" - sums up Julia Pietrucha, famous for her love of music and travel, vocalist, for whom we have developed a wardrobe ideally suited to an inspiring trip.

On the route of a reflective journey, we visit with Julia various openings in search of spring glow, we stop for a moment of relaxation in a sunny setting, where TATUUM outfits delicately accentuate her femininity, providing a sense of comfort in a timeless style.

Along the way, we get to know the proven elements of the spring wardrobe. New for the brand, patterned coats from a wool blend are attracting attention. Soft knitwear, denim clothes or a timeless trench coat - a classic of travel style - is a comprehensive transitional proposal that every woman can take in her own life.

In the spring, the heroine feels at home - rests, travels and even plays on her favourite ukulele. She can be herself thanks to comfortable, casual clothes that suits every situation.

According to TATUUM’s message - "In my nature" – we prepared the spring collection for women who, despite many responsibilities, can find space for their own passions. It is not without reason that Julia Pietrucha, a singer and actress famous for her activity in many fields, introduces us to the new season. Regardless of popularity and active lifestyle, she can protect her own privacy, explore the world and create - constantly remaining herself.