Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an account in the online store?

To create an account click on the "login" icon in the upper right corner of the page, enter your first and last name and fill in all the necessary information. You can also register during the order by filling out all the required data.

2. What are the benefits of setting up an account in the online store?

You get access to the history of your transactions, you have a preview of completed orders, saved delivery addresses, invoice data and the ability to track orders. You can also take advantage of special privileges and offers for loyal customers.

3. Do I need additional software to use the online store?

Our online store is adapted to the most popular web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and subsequent versions, Google Chrome 23 and subsequent versions, Mozilla Firefox 16 and subsequent versions, additional software is not needed.

4. Can I change or complete the contact details provided during registration?

The data can be supplemented or changed after logging in in the "My personal information" tab. You can also send information about changing or adding details by email to [email protected]

5. What should I do if I do not remember the password to my account?

Select the "login" option from the top menu and click on the "remind password" link, and then enter the e-mail address indicated at registration. The system will send you a request to confirm the link, and after confirming it – you will receive a new password. This password can be freely changed after logging in in the "My personal information" tab.

6. Are prices in the online store and stationary stores the same?

Prices in the online store and other stores are the same, while periodic promotions, available online and in stationary stores can be varied

7. Can I book a product without buying it by adding to the cart?

Products that are added and stored in the basket are not reserved. Reservation of the goods takes place only when the order is placed and registered in the system.

8. Is it possible to place an order without an account?

This is possible, however, it is not possible to check the order history in this option and for subsequent orders you have to re-enter the delivery data. You also can not take advantage of possible promotions for regular customers.

9. How do I get information about the status of the order?

After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail message to the address provided during registration (or to fulfill the order in case of shopping, as a guest) containing the confirmation of placing the order and its number. Until the completion of the order, no additional messages are sent. After the completion of the picking, the system sends another e-mail containing information about the shipment and the number of the consignment note.

10. Can I modify or cancel my order?

An order placed and approved is not subject to modification. To cancel your order, send an e-mail with the order number to the address: [email protected] It is not possible to cancel the order yourself.

11. Can I pay for the shopping in the online store with a gift card?

You can pay by gift card only for purchases in a stationary store.

12. Can I pay to the courier with a credit card for the delivered order?

The form of payment is determined when the purchase is finalized. If you want to pay when picking up the order, we recommend choosing the option "cash on delivery". Then you will pay the courier in cash.

13. Can I pay in cash in a parcel locker for the order I received?

When choosing “parcel machine” (paczkomat) as a form of delivery of the order, it is necessary to make an earlier on-line payment.

14. What to do if you get a damaged or incorrect model or an incomplete shipment?

In this case, contact Customer Service (via the contact form available at the bottom of the main page, in the Contact section - "Write to us", or call the telephone number: +48 42 237 21 91).

15. How can I check the status of my order?

The basic information about the order is the status assigned to it, which you can check after logging into your account. In addition, for registered users we provide in the User's account the option of tracking the shipment, which redirects to the courier service website directly to the screen containing information about the shipment.

16. What do the order statuses shown on my orders in the Customer panel mean?

"New order - cash on delivery" - means that your order has been accepted.

„Payment accepted" - means that your order has been correctly paid and accepted.

"Canceled" - means that the entire order has been canceled. If the order was paid in advance, after its cancellation, the money will be returned within a few days of cancellation.

"Confirmation of order picking" - means that the order has been forwarded for picking.

"Confirmation of order picking - cash on delivery"  - means that the order has been forwarded for picking.

"Shipping"  - means that the ordered products have been packed and sent from the warehouse to the address indicated by you.

"Shipping - cash on delivery" - means that the ordered products have been packed and sent from the warehouse to the address indicated by you.

"Shipment - pickup in the stationary store" - means that the ordered products have been packed and shipped from the warehouse to the stationary store indicated by you.

"The order is waiting for pickup in the stationary store" - means that the ordered products are ready for collection in the chosen store.

"Package picked up in the stationary store" - means that your order has been picked up in the stationary store.

"Return" - means that your order has been issued with a credit note related to your return of the good or complaint.

"Error in payment" - means that your payment was not accepted due to an incorrect amount..

17. Can I order goods with international shipping?

Shipments are carried out to the member countries of the European Union. In the case of international shipments, the shipping costs are always borne by the buyer.

18. How can I pay for the order?

You can make payments online (online transfer, traditional transfer or Visa, Maestro) or choose payment on delivery (only parcels to the address indicated). On-line payments are made via the Przelewy24 operator or the PayPal platform. During the finalization of the order, the website is redirected to where the payment should be made.

19. How can I make sure that the purchase process has been carried out correctly?

After shopping, you will receive a confirmation of your order in your e-mail inbox.

20. How much does the delivery cost?

The costs of delivery of the Goods in the territory of the Republic of Poland depend on the method of delivery and are respectively:

for orders with on-line prepayment and pickup in the stationary store in Poland - 0 PLN (in words: for free),

for orders with on-line prepayment and courier selectionPLN 14.50 (in words: fourteen zlotys and fifty groszy),

for orders with on-line prepayment and the choice of InPost parcel machines - PLN 10 (in words: ten zlotys),

for orders payable upon delivery (courier shipment) - PLN 16.50 (say: sixteen zlotys and fifty groszy).

For orders over PLN 100, standard delivery by courier and delivery via InPost parcel lockers in Poland is free.

Shipments outside Poland, within the European Union, are carried out by courier and their cost in the European Union is 50 PLN (in words: fifty zlotys).

21. How long will it take to complete my order?

It takes up to 7 business days to complete an order, in some cases it can be extended to 10 days.

22. Where can I return the goods?

The return should be sent to the address of the logistics center: KAN Sp. z o.o. ul. PKP 6, 92-402 Łódź (warehouse) or returned to any Tatuum store in Poland. The list of stores can be found here >>

23. How much time do I have to return?

You can return the shipment within 14 days of receiving the parcel.

24. How long will I be waiting for a refund?

We make a refund within 14 days of receipt of your statement of cancellation using the same payment methods that you used in the original transaction.

25. I bought a large dress. Can I exchange it?

You can exchange your purchased product for another size in any Tatuum store in Poland. The online store does not exchange.

26. How to use the Tatuum Generations rebate voucher when shopping online?

Before you decide to use the discount voucher check if:

- you are logged in to your account in the online store when ordering,

- you are entitled to a discount on your membership in the Tatuum Generations loyalty program,

- the voucher is still valid,

- products in the basket meet the conditions assigned to the given voucher in accordance with the rules of the selected promotion.

27. How do I sign up for the Tatuum Generations Program?

Ask the shop assistant in any Tatuum store to apply for the program and benefit from its benefits when you first buy. In the internet, select the "Join the loyalty program" link at the bottom of the main page in the "Tatuum Generations" section and fill in the application form.

28. How can I change the data on my Tatuum Generations tab?

The data on the card can be changed during a visit to any Tatuum store or by submitting such a request via e-mail: [email protected]

29. I have a Tatuum Generations card set up in the Tatuum salon. Why can not I use the rebate vouchers when shopping online?

In order to use the rebate vouchers generated on the Tatuum Generations card, you must have an account connected to it in the online store.

30. Why do not I get points on my Tatuum Generations card for shopping in the online store?

In order for you to accumulate points for purchases in the online store on the Tatuum Generations card, it must be linked to an account in the online store.

31. How to combine the Tatuum Generations card with the account in the online store?

It is necessary to make sure that the card details created in the store and the account in the online store have the same e-mail address and then join the loyalty program on the online store's website.

32. Why do not I get points for my purchases on the Tatuum Generations tab?

All points for shopping at Tatuum stores using the Tatuum Generations card are calculated within 21 days from the date of purchase.

All points for shopping in the online store when properly logged in are charged, but are visible within 21 days of purchase.

If after 21 days you still do not see the points for purchases in your account, please contact the Customer Service Department of the online store.