We want to live slower

More carefully

In harmony with the world

and with each other

Closer to those we love

Do not miss any moment

Keep them for longer

Therefore, let us notice

small gestures

Fleeting smiles

Let's collect moments


We create Tatuum with love for detail, which can change so much not only in clothes but above all in everyday life. We believe that clothes are designed to bring comfort that allows you to focus on what is really important. On experiencing moments. Being aware that these small gestures, everyday fleeting smiles, the smell of dew in the morning, the taste of coffee, clasped hands ... this is what builds our happiness.

I was struck by the reflection that it was close, and I might not have a family at all. I was a thirty-six year old bachelor, still on the run. When I met my wife I changed everything, I slowed down - says Michał Żebrowski.

These are Michał and his wife Ola who became the Ambassadors of the Tatuum autumn / winter collection. They shared with us their small, and, paradoxically, great moments in the context of happiness, sharing a private archive on which the campaign spot was based.

We are very happy that the "slow" lifestyle trend is becoming more and more popular in every aspect of life. We try to live slower and more careful ourselves, although it is not always easy. However, it is important to take and support even the smallest steps in this direction - explains Ola Żebrowska.

We present the Moments Collection. Come to the Tatuum store. Inspire, experience and create your own collection of the most beautiful, everyday moments.