Tradition and modernity

For more than 20 years you can see TATUUM clothes on European streets. Our specific cut is seen almost everyday – we work in TATUUM clothes, spend our free time and live our lives in them. We stay close to your nature. For better and worse.
We come from Lodz – the city of seamstresses and home of Polish fashion. We admire craft and we build on our ancestors’ experience. We mix new design with practial fashion. We want to crearte a brand new fashion on the highest level.

Our clothes are classics. They will stay in trend for much longer than one season. They have a sporty cut as well – their best feature is comfortable and original shape. Our clothes are colourful. We keep our design standards really high. There is something more behind TATUUM – our fashion contains combination of the three most important values: naturalness, quality and honesty.

Our customers are our ambassadors and promoters. Our first store was opened more than 20 years ago at 44 Piotrkowska Street in Lodz. It still exists. We expand our presence in Poland (more than 90 shops so far), in Czech Republic and Hungary. We are well known and TATUUM is one of the favourite fashion brands in Poland.