Tatuum is much more than just clothes


Our goal is to keep our clothes close to your nature. We want them to satisfy your needs and desires. Naturalness guarantees comfort of being yourself. This is the reason why we love making comfortable clothes from natural  fabrics.  


High quality equals your loyalty. Being honest equals trust. We talk and listen to each other. Our biggest inspiration are people who visit TATUUM. For more than 20 years we follow our dream – we listen to you. We dedicate our work to you. 


We love the classics. Our strongest features are simple shapes nad high quality fabrics. Our fashion has no „expiration date”. We strongly believe that money you spend for clothes are like an investment that makes you rich. You get comfortable pieces that suit you and make you feel good about yourself 


Our mission is to create clothes that’ll suit you perfectly. We never fake our emotions, clothes and believes. We respect nature around us. We don’t overprice our clothes. We choose natural fabrics. We’re honest about our clothes’ compositions.