Choose better quality clothes,

so they serve you longer.

Wash less frequently, for a shorter time

and in lower temperatures to avoid damaging the fabric

and consume less energy.

Always follow the instructions on the tag

– this will help you choose the right washing

and drying method, and temperature.

Fasten zippers and buttons before washing.

This will reduce the risk of materials becoming

tangled up or torn.

Leave some room inside the washing machine.

Clothes packed in too tightly won’t wash thoroughly

and fabrics will damage more easily.

Wash clothes “inside-out” –

especially jeans and patterned fabrics.

Dry your clothes in the open air, if you can.

The material won’t wrinkle as much, you’ll save on energy

and reduce the ironing time.

Fold clothes along the seams – this will

allow you to maintain their cut and shape longer.

Before throwing clothes out – try repairing first, maybe someone else

can still enjoy them?