Since mid-2020 we have been focusing on the initiative called STOP DEPRESSION, undertaken by ITAKA Foundation.

In the light of latest difficult months, pandemics and isolation, the demand for therapeutic interventions is enormous. And substantial needs require additional actions.


Winter weather and long isolation have inspired us to create warm sweatshirts with a POSITIVE VIBES embroidery. Sweatshirts with a positive message may be used as a gift of double value, a gift which helps.
The entire income from sales will be provided to support Depression Hotline.

We keep on selling highly popular T-shirts with customized imprints made by Nadia Kubczak, an illustrator, inspired by diverse beauty of Polish women.

Thank you for your eager support!

Intensification of sleep disorder, anxiety and depression states have affected persons who had never dealt with mental health issues before pandemics. Increase in depression cases arising from social isolation have affected many people, but not everyone knows how to identify symptoms and what kind of help to seek for.

We wish to be a supporting voice reached by persons in need. A signpost which can help them encounter Foundation’s Specialists dealing with diagnosing and treating depression for many years.