Women’s jewelry

Time to shine! Both on the inside, and with your jewelry. At Tatuum, for years we have made sure that our women’s jewelry catches the eye, and individual models distinguish themselves with their design and reflect the needs of the modern woman. When designing, we mix trends. Sometimes we play with color, sometimes rely on original shapes, other times on classic minimalism. However, we never forget about timeless elegance. The design of our jewelry sets, women’s bracelets, broches, earrings and necklaces is diverse, while remaining universal. If you’re looking for stylish accessories for you or as a gift to someone, you can bet on Tatuum.

Fashionable jewelry for any occasion

Original women’s jewelry is sought after by ladies of different ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40 or 50 years old – the term “fitting your age” is not in our vocabulary! What’s important, is who you are inside. We want our Customers to feel beautiful and stylish. We design timeless and universal jewelry that emphasizes femininity. Colorful jewelry in fantastical shapes or saturated colors can change the nature of an entire outfit, thus impacting how you are perceived overall. Today, we will show you a few tricks how to make yourself look more slender with properly selected jewelry.

Tatuum Necklaces

Let’s start with the neck. The fashionable necklaces and pendant for women are, right behind earrings, the most often purchased women’s accessories. They are often men’s first choice when it comes to women’s jewelry as a gift. A long pendant dangling decorative elements will emphasize the neckline and visually make the neck slimmer, giving you lightness in the upper body. This type of jewelry is a great fit for blouses or dresses with a v-cut neckline, but will work just as well with plain boat neck shirt. Depending on the length, the necklace can draw attention to or distract from the neckline. Before you decide on your purchase, think about the effect you want to achieve. Delicate women’s jewelry is not always synonymous with minimalism. As you’ve no doubt noticed, both stars of colorful magazines, as well as fashion icons increasingly often wear several small, delicate chains at once. Some of them are different in length, others come in different colors. The end result brings to mind an artistic mess, but each element of this style is very well thought out. If you want to achieve a similar effect, choose delicate, fashionable necklaces. Have each of them be of a slightly different length – you can achieve this by adjusting the fastening. It’s also important to choose the right pendants. They can complement each other, e.g. through their color or geometric shape. If you want, you can also buy a ready made cascade necklace.

Short and long pendants for a dress

And what about pendants for a dress? It all, obviously, depends on the occasion, but also the dress for which you are accessorizing. If you’re having a night out, you’re definitely looking for elegant women’s jewelry. If you’re a fan of delicate accessories, then a little black dress is a sure fit. If you are choosing a maxi skirt, then you may want to pick a spectacular necklet or ornate necklace. At Tatuum you will find fashionable neck jewelry, such as long pendants, delicate necklaces, chains with pendants or large, colorful necklaces. Artificial jewelry of this type, apart from dresses, goes exceptionally well with plain blouses. It allows you to give a new character to a fairly simple outfit. Jewelry with stones, especially colorful ones, however, will make outfits in darker tones much more joyful. If you need to dress in an elegant but subdued way, e.g. for office work, colorful necklaces will help you smuggle in a bit of “you” into the day to day reality.

Fashionable earrings

Many women can’t imagine leaving their home without earrings – they feel incomplete without them. We understand that perfectly, as they say: habit is a person’s second nature. Small trinkets in the ears are worn by practically every woman. Why not, however, go wild from time to time and choose large colorful earrings? We assure you, they can be worn throughout the entire year, not just for special occasions! They look great with tightly pulled back hair – coming to the foreground. However, there’s nothing standing in the way of wearing long, colorful earrings with romantic waves of hair. However, remember to exercise restraint when choosing the right jewelry. A large necklet combined with richly adorned earrings, and numerous bracelets are usually too much. Choose one strong accent or two more delicate ones. You can wear the earrings together with the most fashionable pendants, or match them with hair decorations, e.g. the recently in hairpins and large hair-slides.

Colorful, hanging earrings deserve their own section. At Tatuum, you will find them in a casual version, for wearing everyday, like, e.g. colorful earrings in the Selma line, or more elegant ones, e.g. Lola. The latter are adorned with imitations of natural precious stones and are exactly 9 cm in length. They are maintained in subdued shades of pink and blue, making them look very stylish. They go together beautifully with an off-the shoulder dress or an elegant blouse with an asymmetrical front. The colorful earrings can give the entire outfit an unusual character, without being ostentatious, but rather more subtle. If, therefore, you like adornments, but don’t want to overdo it, then consider a new pair of earrings. In spring, you can easily choose less formal shapes and more girlish colors. It’s the season considered the most positive, so don’t be afraid to express your joy through colorful accessories and clothing.

Renaissance of the broche

Women’s broches disappeared from store shelves and fashion magazines for a while, to then return with a vengeance this season. At Tatuum, we offer a wide selection in this jewelry category, trying for some tongue-in-cheek offerings. The coming spring brings optimism which we would like to share with you. This is why we are suggesting designs with motifs of happy, colorful animals – cats, frogs or dogs. The most fashionable broches this season are those that emphasize having fun with fashion and some self-awareness. Thinking about how to incorporate them in your style? It’s really easy. You can wear a large broche instead of the fashionable pendant on the neck, by fastening it at the height of your heart. This will definitely provide a more original result than using a traditional, colorful necklace. Some ladies use modern broches to fasten scarves or neckerchiefs. It’s a rather practical solution, especially for unruly, silk kerchiefs. Using this trick, you will remind your friends of Brigitte Bardot in one of her famous film roles. Large broches with stones will also beautifully adorn upper layers of clothing. Clipped into the jacket fronts or a coat pocket. Fashionable broches also work well paired up with a buttonless cardigan or with a wrapped neckline. Similar jewelry accessories are come of the most underappreciated elements of a woman’s wardrobe. In this respect, the universality and practicality of use exceed many others! If, therefore, a fashionable broche has caught your eye, don’t hesitate too long. Soon they will be worn by more and more ladies, and elegant broches will make a comeback in main fashion trends.

Bracelets – the evergreens of hand ornaments

You can never have too many colorful bracelets in a woman’s wardrobe. That’s something known by stars looking at us from the TV screens, as well as our Clients. Women’s hand jewelry has for many seasons enjoyed continued popularity. Fashionable bracelets are changed often, sometimes worn matched with several others, and sometimes combined into an elegant set with a pendant and earrings. At Tatuum you will find both colorful, as well as monochromatic versions. We offer a wide selection of women’s bracelets to suit diverse tastes. This is why you will find both delicate women’s bracelets, and fuller, multi-layered hand ornaments. For more sporty styles, women’s leather strap bracelets can be a good fit. It’s also a great offer for Clients who choose a casual style on a daily basis. They without a doubt go together great with jeans and a loose jacket. Modern women’s bracelets in an artsy style should also fit all kinds of styles.

Bracelets for women are a great idea for a gift. They are more noncommittal than a ring or earrings, and work as a gift for a friend, mother or cousin. A woman’s hand bracelet is also great as a symbol of friendship or thanks.