Women’s tights and socks

When picking out the contents for your wardrobe, each one of us should pay attention not only to clothing, but also undergarments. Even though often invisible, underwear is the basis of any outfit, making a dress, trousers or shirt perfectly fit your silhouette. To all ladies looking for high class toeless knee highs, socks and tights, TATUUM is here to help! Check out our offer and find socks, ballerina socks, knee highs, and women’s tights, which will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole, intense day.

Women’s knee highs and tights – comfort and elegance

The selection of tights available in the TATUUM online store is very broad. In our offer you will find various types of women’s tights, including classic tights and toeless tights, modern leg modelling tights, matt women’s tights and with a delicate gloss, discrete women’s toeless knee highs ideal for peep-toe type shoes and deep cut high heels. The magnitude of models with different structures gives many options when picking your outfit. You will easily find tights that go with a dress of any style and color, and choose knee highs for elegant trousers, for which standard socks just won’t do the trick.

Fashionable socks – plain or patterned?

Do you prefer sneakers and sports shoes to dresses and skirts? To fans of a sporty look and, more simply, all ladies wanting to fill their closet with universal underwear, we present classic women’s socks. To Customers who prefer simple models that fit any style, we recommend pantyhose socks excellent for high heels or loafers, or cotton women’s high socks available in black. Want to add expressive color to your subdued outfit? Then complement it with fanciful patterned socks! This seemingly insignificant accent, easy to overlook among other wardrobe elements, can add a nonchalant, original character to your outfit and help you stand out from the crowd.

Modelling tights – large sizes

Beauty has no limits. Regardless of the size you wear, the style you prefer, and what lifestyle you lead, you can be sure that in our virtual showroom you’ll find undergarments tailored for you. We offer women’s tights in small and large sizes. Don’t feel well in dresses and skirts that reveal your legs? It’s time to let these hangups go! The secret weapon in the fight for a better wellbeing are calf slimming, thigh slimming and buttock raising tights. The slimming tights available for sale exert unnoticeable pressure that doesn’t cause discomfort, which improves circulation and models the silhouette. Thanks to properly chosen slimming tights, you can feel light and look great in a tight, form-fitting little black dress.

Exclusive women’s tights – TATUUM quality

Do you make sure that your blouses, trousers and shirts are made of the highest quality materials? Why would you put less care into choosing your underwear? The quality of fabrics, type of stitching, and manufacturing technology of tights has a huge impact on your appearance and comfort throughout the day. Tights often accompany ladies when going out, during all-night parties or important presentations at work, which is why it’s so important to not feel any discomfort when wearing them.

At TATUUM, a strict standard is a priority. We have no doubts that the women’s accessories offered by TATUUM, such as women’s ballerina socks, socks and modelling tights will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers looking for complete solutions. Our offer includes models made from modern materials and natural fibers. We particularly draw your attention to leg slimming tights, tights with green tea and rejuvenating models with bamboo fibers, valued for their antibacterial properties. What’s important, our fashionable socks, tights and knee highs are the best proof that unrivalled quality can go hand in hand with attractive prices.