What is Klarna?

Klarna transactions are possible in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a provider of payment services originating from Sweden. The moment You choose Klarna, this provider takes over complete responsibility for the payment. Over 90 million consumers at over 200,000 stores all over the world have convinced themselves about the safety and advantages of this payment method.

How does the service ‘Pay in 30 days’ work?

Thanks to the ‘Pay in 30 days’ credit method, you are able to defer the payment for shopping by 30 days. In order to make use of this method, place an order with a store and in the shopping cart, pick the Klarna payment method. Within two days from the confirmation of the order, the Customer receives an e-mail confirmation with instructions on the further part of the process. Within thirty days, the Customer may check out what they ordered and only pay if they are satisfied with the order. They can pay on-line at a suitable time and without additional costs, using their credit or debit card in the Klarna app, or by logging in to klarna.com.

How can I use the service ‘Pay in 30 days’?

In order to use the service ‘Pay in 30 days’, the Customer must be of full legal age. This service is common, however one must consider that this is a form of a loan and depends on the Customer’s financial situation. At the same time, if one chooses the option ‘Pay in 30 days’, the assessment of Klarna will not influence your credit ability.

What are the payment options in Klarna?

Klarna offers one of two options:

  1. Debit or credit card immediately following completion of the order
  2. ‘Pay in 30 days’ by your debit or credit card when you receive the order
Past due payments may be controlled in the Klarna app.

What happens if the order is cancelled or returned?

If our store accepts your cancellation/ return, Klarna will cancel the invoice or return the payment already made. The return should be visible in the Klarna app immediately.

What data must be provided when making a purchase?

If you choose Klarna, you have to provide:

  • your first and last name
  • your address
  • your e-mail address
  • your personal id. number


  • cell phone number, or
  • date of birth.

The information set, including reminders concerning payments and links to on-line invoices are sent to the Customer’s e-mail address, hence you need to provide correct data in order to receive payment details.

Is Customer data concerning the payment safe?

Klarna processes all payment details in a safe manner. TATUUM does not receive any card data and does not store it. All transactions are executed via secure connections protected by the most modern safety protocol standards.

How to check whether payment was properly accepted?

If you pay by card immediately after you place the order, this will be confirmed. If you use ‘Pay in 30 days’, Klarna will send payment details to the e-mail address used to place the order. Should such a confirmation not reach you, you can always verify the status of your order and payment by logging into the Klarna app or under klarna.com.

How are returns accomplished?

If an order is paid for my card, the money is returned to the same card. If the invoice has not been paid yet, it is reduced by the return amount or cancelled altogether.