In operating our showrooms we consider reduction of the amount of waste, energy consumption, as well as minimizing renovation works.

We listen to our employees and together search for optimal solutions.

Most often we take over premises in a state of so called normal wear and tear, which are already used and pre-arranged. We do our best to take advantage of their potential. Instead of buying new furnishing and interior décor elements, we modernize or repair what’s already there. This applies in particular to elements such as: wall and ceiling structures, display window, air conditioning/ventilation installations, fire safety installations.

This not only provides time and cost savings, but is also a solution much friendlier to the environment than building “from scratch”.

At our showrooms:

We invest in the highest quality products, e.g. audio equipment, anti-theft gates, vacuum cleaners – which is why they serve longer and are less prone to defects.

We repair broken equipment instead of throwing it away and buying new items.

We synergize servicing – we encourage stores to take into account all other needs (e.g. leaky faucet + light bulb replacement + assistance in replacing display decorations) when reporting faults. As a result, it is possible to do more during one service visit.

At Tatuum showrooms you will only get paper shopping bags, but we are still looking for an optimal solution to offer our customers multiple use bags.

Our dream is to use excess clothing to make them, but this solution turns out to be more expensive and difficult than manufacturing new bags from scratch. We hope that we will manage to solve this issue in 2020.

Furniture in the Tatuum showrooms is made from furniture boards. Chipboards or mdf boards are manufactured using pressed chips from production waste or boards not suited for furniture manufacture. The chips may also come from recycling.

Other elements include steel, and natural wooden furniture veneer. The chairs in the fitting room area are cult classic originals from the 60’s and 70’s designed by Lis and Chierowski, sought after by our carpenters and subjected to professional renovation.

Decorative lamps are provided by the Dutch company AYILUMINATE. Their intent is to create products in the spirit of sustainability. Our lamp model is comprised of a bamboo stand and a fabric woven by Iranian widows. Ayiluminate hires them to provide a source of income while simultaneously maintaining the region’s craftsmanship tradition. The zero waste idea is on the company’s mind throughout the process, e.g. they do not use foil to package their products, the lamps have to be assembled individually, which results in saving on packaging cardboard and the ability to deliver more units in one transport.


As many as 80% of the shops in our chain have LED lighting, which has effectively displaced the energy-intensive and constantly maintenance-requiring metahalogen. We have also switched to LED lighting in the head office.

One of them is the issue of thin, plastic hangers on which clothes arrive from warehouses to the showrooms. Their re-use

requires sorting and storage at the showroom premises, and then transport

back to the warehouse. We are currently looking for a more environmentally friendly hanger version.

We are currently looking for a more environmentally friendly hanger version.

At Tatuum we believe that change is achieved with small steps every day. This is why we listen to all

our employess. They are the ones who know best what can be changed in their work in order to

minimize negative environmental impact.

At Tatuum we believe that inner peace and life in harmony with oneself should be based on respect for others. This is why we carefully choose Partners and Suppliers who operate in line with the Code of Conduct, as well as guarantee that the Code is respected by their subcontractors involved in the processes of creating our products, in accordance with:

  • conventions of the International Labor Organization,
  • the UN universal human rights declaration,
  • UN conventions and guidelines, including those regarding child rights and elimination of discrimination of women in all its forms.