Shipping methods and costs will vary depending on the country of delivery. The shipping methods that can be selected at the time are available during order finalization.
Product Delivery is available within the territory of the European Union, excluding Ireland and Malta.

Courier Delivery country Price (EUR) Cash on Delivery
Econt home delivery                   Bulgaria 7,4 + 1,5
Econt parcel locker                     Bulgaria 7 + 1,5
Econt pick-up point                   Bulgaria 7 + 1,5
Speedy home delivery                    Bulgaria 7,2 + 1,5
Speedy pick-up point                   Bulgaria 6,8 + 1,5
DPD EU 5,2 + 1,5
GLS home delivery (UE)                 EU 9,4 + 1,5
ACS home delivery Greece 9,8 + 1,5
ACS pick-up point                       Greece 9,8 + 1,5
Taxydromiki home delivery             Greece 9,7 + 1,5
Venipack home delivery                Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 7,2 + 1,5
Venipack pick-up point                  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 7,2 + 1,5
Omniva parcel locker                    Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia 7,4 + 1,5
Sameday Easybox parcel locker           Romania 5,4 + 1,5
Cargus home delivery                    Romania 5,7 + 1,5
Cargus pick-up point                    Romania 5,2 + 1,5
FAN Courier home delivery               Romania 6,1 + 1,5
GLS pick-up point                       Slovakia 6,4 + 1,5
Slovak Post Office home delivery         Slovakia 5,4 + 1,5
Slovak Post Office pick-up point           Slovakia 5,4 + 1,5
SPS home delivery                      Slovakia 5,4 + 1,5
SPS pick-up point                       Slovakia 5 + 1,5
GLS home delivery (SK)                Slovakia 6,4 + 1,5
GLS home delivery (HU)                Hungary  7,1 + 1,5
Sameday home delivery                   Hungary  5,4 + 1,5
Sameday Easybox parcel locker           Hungary  5,4 + 1,5
Hungarian Post Office home delivery          Hungary  6,4 + 1,5
Hungarian Post Office parcel locker          Hungary  6,4 + 1,5
Hungarian Post Office pick-up point          Hungary  6,4 + 1,5
Hungarian Post Office post office           Hungary  6,4 + 1,5
GLS pick-up point                       Hungary  6,4 + 1,5

The shipping address of your order must be in the same country of delivery that you selected when you came to the store website.

If the standard delivery is chosen, the courier will try to deliver the package twice to the indicated address. After two unsuccessful attempts to deliver the parcel, it will be sent back to the online store.

Reposting involves an additional fee according to the standard price list in the store's regulations.



To return an item bought in our online shop:

1. Contact our Customer Service Office at;

a) in the subject of the e-mail, please write: ”Return - order no. ..........”
b) in the body of the e-mail, please write the number of your order, and your phone number.

2. Fill and sign a personalized form of the return, received in the order confirmation e-mail, or use the model withdrawal form (you’ll find it here);

3. Pack the form and the item you want to return and send them at your expense to the following address:


Kan Sp. z o.o.
Panattoni Apliance Park
Jędrzejowska 85
93-636 Łódź, Poland

with the note: Magazyn ESHOP.

4. The refund will be made within 14 days since the date of the return shipment arriving at our warehouse.The form of refund depends on the payment method chosen when you are placing the order. In the case of payment on delivery, a refund is made to the bank account given in the return form.