Colorful men’s socks

For a very long time men’s socks were an ordinary addition to an outfit – one that never drew particular attention. Of course, there has always been a list of rules on matching them with particular types of garments, however, most gentlemen bought them without much thought. The situation changed dramatically, as colorful men’s socks began gaining popularity, causing a real revolution. Since then, these relatively minor men’s accessories have become not only a desired object, but also a fashionable accent that must be taken into account in an outfit. Today, nobody is surprised by the sight of elegantly dressed men with patterned socks protruding from under the trouser legs. What’s more, very few people have in their wardrobes exclusively black or white socks. One can venture a guess that these elements play a similar role in a man’s outfit as a purse does for a woman. What’s worth learning about the rules for matching these accessories with the rest of your outfit and what versions will you find in our offer?

Men’s suit socks

Well matched men’s socks are an indicator of great taste and knowledge of the principles of dressing elegantly. An incorrect color or length may, on the other hand, ruin even the best outfit. Gentlemen who prefer classic solutions should pay attention that their socks are as close in shade to their trousers. This way, when the trouser leg is pulled up while sitting, you won’t notice significant differences and, what’s more, you can optically lengthen your legs. This principle must be used by all those who adhere to a strictly specified dress code. What else to remember?

  • When intending to wear a suit, you should choose high men’s socks, reaching at least halfway up the calf. That way, you won’t have to worry about showing any skin when sitting down.
  • Even if a suit is bright in color, never pick white socks. They are reserved exclusively for sporty outfits with trainers or sneakers. Otherwise, you may end up just looking silly.
  • Suit socks should be made from a delicate and thin material that doesn’t particularly stand out. Thicker, e.g. woolen models, go with trousers made from thicker materials, such as corduroy or tweed.
  • Men who want to add a bit more variety to their outfits, but are not yet ready for more striking colors, can choose delicately patterned socks. In this case, the base color should be close to the shade of the trousers, and the small decorative elements will constitute a minor contrast.
  • Remember, that if the suit’s fabric isn’t smooth, you need to put aside patterned men’s socks, as the whole outfit will be oversaturated and chaotic.

Another safe principle eagerly used by classic style enthusiasts is to match socks to the shoe color. You can easily apply this rule when wearing a suit. In this case, however, you won’t achieve the optical effect of longer legs. It would seam that the most universal black socks will fit every outfit, but in practice it turns out that they are appropriate only for black tuxes or tailcoats, which are worn very rarely, only for particularly official occasions. The most popular suit color is navy blue or grey, and it’s those color socks that need to be included in your collection.

Colorful suit socks – how to match them to your outfit?

If you want to liven up your wardrobe and introduce some interesting accents to a classic suit, it’s worth choosing colorful high socks. Their matching, despite appearances, is not actually that complicated. You just need to consider the shade of a wardrobe element other than trousers or shoes. Do you like wearing a plain, red tie? Then you can pick original socks in this color, preferably with minor adornments. If, however, your tie is also patterned, it’s best to choose monochrome socks without any decorative elements. The basic principle is to look for connecting points between individual wardrobe pieces. That way, the socks you wear can be matched to a pocket square, blazer or shirt. It is, therefore, worth considering several outfits and combinations, and then thinking about which versions will be the most appropriate. To start, you can pick up colorful men’s suit socks without adornments, and later expand your collection.

Colorful men’s everyday socks

People who choose a rather casual style on a daily basis can take a chance with designer socks that will play a main role in the outfit. Such a solution is often chosen by men who like to stand out and surprise with unusual combinations. In this case, there are no specific rules for matching colors. You can go wild both with shades, as well as patterns. Colorful men’s socks will look great with jeans and chino trousers. In addition, you can wear a loose fitting shirt, sweatshirt or sweater. If you want all the attention to focus on the lower part of your wardrobe, forget about intense colors and adornments in the upper part. In this case, it’s worth considering the material. Colorful suit socks should be rather thin, but in casual styles, the such thickness is not as appropriate. For jeans and other everyday trousers, it’s best to choose a knitted fabric with a higher density.

What is worth considering when choosing colorful men’s socks?

If you already know how to match men’s high socks to a specific outfit, it’s worth learning what to pay attention to in order for the purchased socks to not only look great, but also provide high comfort of use. What are the key elements?

  • Material – if you want to feel fresh even after several hour, then not only colorful socks, but any other socks should be made from natural materials, such as cotton or wool. This way you can not only rely on good ventilation, but also better sweat absorption. On the other hand, it’s a good idea for the material composition to also include a small amount of artificial fabrics, as they extend the longevity of such accessories. Our offer includes high quality fashionable men’s socks from cotton, which will make you feel great all day. What’s more, thanks to added elastane, they are resistant to excessive stretching and fit the foot very well.
  • Structure – if you want your colorful men’s socks to serve you as long as possible, then it’s good to look into how they are made. One of the more important aspects is the welt. On the one hand, it should be strong enough to hold the sock in its place all the time, on the other hand, it can’t compress the skin too much, as this can lead to circulation issues after some time. Also important is the stitching, which cannot cause abrasions, especially in tightly fitted shoes.
  • Length – as mentioned before, colorful socks for suits and other types of trousers need to be high. However, during the summer you can easily choose fanciful men’s socks, like boat socks. They go together well, e.g. with shorts and trainers, or other sports shoes.

Colorful men’s socks and shoe types

There are certain types of shoes that are most often associated with the summer, for which there are doubts concerning matching with socks. Wearing shoes on bare feet, however, has many disadvantages. It can not only result in unpleasant abrasions, but also, due to sweating of the feet, the shoes can absorb unpleasant odors. It’s good to remember that colorful men’s socks should appear whenever you’re dealing with cooler weather. Many people are concerned, if its proper to wear socks with loafers. The answer is “yes”, but it’s worth pointing out that they should be made from a thin material. What’s more, socks look much better, if the loafers are made from faced leather, not suede. In this case, it’s also best to choose high patterned socks. It’s agreed as best to abandon these types of additions when intending to wear sandals and espadrilles. They are, on the other hand, mandatory with low-cut shoes and sports shoes.

Colorful men’s socks – what does our store offer?

Our offer includes both high patterned socks, as well as boat socks. All of them are distinguished by careful workmanship and distinct colors that maintain their attractive appearance for a long time, despite frequent wearing and multiple washing cycles. Our offer features Polish, colorful socks from natural materials that ensure great comfort of use and perform well in any season. We offer many interesting models which you will easily match to your preferences and styles.

Colorful high socks – an excellent gift idea

It’s been known for some time that fanciful socks are a perfect gift for any man who likes these types of accessories. The models in our offer are recommended as a gift for, e.g. birthdays or name days, Boy’s Day, or various other holidays. Colorful high socks can include patterns referencing the gift recipient’s interests or the given season. Holiday motifs enjoy particularly high popularity. If, however, you’re looking for something more universal, it’s worth looking timeless polka dots. Patterned high socks will be enjoyed not only by enthusiasts of original accessories, but also people who have long since intended to diversify their wardrobe and styles. Check out our product range and choose the most interesting model. With us, you will get interesting socks for the whole family, that will certainly amaze your friends. You can also make a gift for yourself, matching accessories to other wardrobe elements in our collection.