Our design principles –

how design works at Tatuum.

he focus of our interest is the customer, the human. Clothes are intended to suit their lifestyle and needs, and last for at least a few seasons. Clothes live with people, they accompany them at work, during important, beautiful and difficult moments. They should support their users in their everyday life, ensure comfort, give them confidence. We want composing the right outfit to come easy, which is why clothes in this year’s collections can be combined with the ones from one, two or three years before.

The Tatuum brand is cohesive. Our goal is for clothing to be comfortable and adapted to various figures. The Tatuum designs stay close to the body, but ensure comfort thanks to loose areas which we include in every model. We design clothing cuts which highlight various assets. In the women’s collection sometimes we slightly open up the neckline, other times show the shoulders or highlight the waist. As a result, every Lady can find something to make her feel special. We measure the trimmings of our clothes on Polish women.

We believe that clothing is not meant to be worn once or twice and thrown out. This is a waste of the potential which lies in fashion. We want to design clothes that can be rediscovered every season, combining them with a different accessory, elements of newer collections, giving them a new life.

Classics according to Tatuum are universal models, but not because they are white or navy blue. The nature of Tatuum is rich with colors and patterns.


We try to make the collections compatible. If you buy something one season, then you should be able to wear it with something from the two later seasons. We believe that clothes should serve you many years.

We are working on collections a year in advance. We base our efforts on universal and timeless concepts. We perform many trimmings, tests, fittings on different body types. We perfect our products in many areas, the most important of which is quality. Does the material peel, dye or wash out? A product developed like this is created longer, but that also makes it last longer for the customer, sometimes for many years. It is worth highlighting that this is not an abandonment of trends, but rather their adaptation to our designs, so they are not out of style after one season.

Head Women’s Collection Designer

A cut that doesn’t lose its shape, material that withstands repeated use, washing, and ironing. Buttons that don’t lose their color, fasteners that work longer. All this in addition to a structure that, after some time, is easy to repair.

These are the main qualities of long-lasting clothes. Eventually, even if we are not going to use it, it may serve someone else. Careful design, even if it takes longer and is more time consuming (which can also result in a slightly higher end product price), bears the fruit of clothing made to last.

For over 20 years nature has been a part of Tatuum’s DNA. It is nature that inspired us to build our system of values, communication

and, most of all, collections based on life close to nature, the Earth, the basic, mundane and normal. The brand’s philosophy, which has been with us since

the beginning,

today is more and more a part of the global lifestyle, and also – slowly but surely – the fashion industry. What is trendy today, is in line with what

what we do at Tatuum, what our customers have grown to love many years ago,

and what they love today. We offer and have always designed products intended to be consistent with a peaceful life. A life that is not governed

by rush, urgency and the pursuit of success.

The nature of Tatuum is harmony.